Chinese furniture in the 1980 of the 20th century started to recover, just odd years, completed the process of industrialization, from workshops to industrial production. Now, China has become a furniture manufacturing power and exporter, development was encouraging. Furniture professional education also went through the same development course, College, students, masters and doctors from scratch, as well as volumes are rising fast. Quality in training, however, capacity to meet the needs of the community and on the level and then miss it very much. Even in number also is far from able to meet the needs of society. Why so large a market throughout the country, with more than more than 50,000 furniture enterprises, more than 5 million practitioners, and professional development design and management of tens of thousands of people? Guangdong Shunde vocational and technical college associate professor Sun Liang was disclosed in an article in such a data set: Designer of Chinese furniture enterprises have fewer than 3,000 people.

Furniture large province of Guangdong had more than 6,000 number of furniture companies, with a designer by training less than 600 people. In other words, for every 10 companies have only one designer. In his view, the real scarcity of professional furniture designers in China, with international fame designers with little, real professional talent agencies have few furniture furniture design lack of truly keen interest is only in the last one or two years. Is not used in the furniture industry needs people, but nothing a few years ago, development, design and management personnel, businesses can still run and make money, the demand due to lack of strong economic driving without really stand out.

As overall prices of raw materials, as the "shortage" and "power shortage" and "peasant worker shortage" resource shortage occurred, with the adjustment of export tax rebate rates, as the product homogeneity, intense competition, as Enterprise Innovation and management capacity are becoming increasingly stretched, enterprises feel the unprecedented pressures and crises. Want to breakthrough, developing, enhance and grow again, but was powerless. Entrepreneurs are strongly aware of the need for talent, needed research and development, design, management of personnel. Demand for talent, imminent 2. 
Grown in Northeast China, Russia extremely cold regions, are deciduous. Wood soft hard moderate, and weight medium, has dry shrink rate small, and planing surface smooth, and wear sexual strong of physical performance and mechanical performance, structure slightly rough; color, and pattern beautiful, rich toughness, drying Shi is not easy to Alice song; processing performance good, rubber pick, and finishing, and coloring performance are better; texture tough tight, and delicate, price expensive, enjoyed "wood King" and "gold tree" of reputation, is world famous wood one of, and Southeast Asia of black rosewood, and sandalwood wood, and United States of maple wood, wood par. Wood resources and very little, very few opportunities to uses civil, for the production of high-end musical instruments and military supplies (such as the butt), real precious quality of furniture wood, with the increasing scarcity of wood resources in the world, increasing collection of wood furniture. Wood, hence the name siyi of Catalpa wood. Catalpa, alias: Golden Catalpa Bungei, Tsz Tong, little leaf parasol, scientific name for Catalpa Bungei. Ziwei branch of Catalpa species, native to China, located east from the waterfront, to Gansu province in the West, began in Yunnan province in the South, North to the great wall in the vast region. The wood material quality, versatility, high quality timber species are endemic to China since ancient times "King of wood," said. Northeast "civil is not the result of walnut", scientific name Juglans mandshurica, deciduous, widely distributed in Changbai Mountains.

Chinese classical furniture making, in addition to the hardwood furniture, corresponding also with wood-wood furniture in the world. Wood also known as cork furniture wood furniture, hardwood furniture. In the production of firewood and wood furniture, are the most common type of wood do the following simple introduction.
Over the years, living room, kitchen, bedroom décor often works at home, plays. With the improvement of people's living standards and enhance the idea of home life, the bathroom before this was our attention to privacy, were even more attention! That some people say, how do you judge the good and bad of a home project, bathroom design and decoration can be seen in some clues.

As we all know, Bathroom renovations in detail very much involved in the decoration of the family, and also have a lot of built-in works, if not handled properly, very big impact for future home life, so make one to suit your bathroom space is very important. How to build a bathroom to suit your space, as long as we follow two principles on the line, it is functional and practical!
Functional and practical, this may seem simple, but in a lot of bathroom renovation project, many people have overlooked this basic principle. Especially now, with the rapid development of sanitary ware industry, sanitary products the appearance, texture, function, it took a great deal of change. For instance, sanitary ware market is flooded with many leading technology Automatic faucet, bathroom products such as antibacterial coating, thermal bath, although the technology is very worthy of our esteem, but its utility is questionable ~

While there are some bathroom renovation friends, buy bathroom products, blind pursuit of Visual effects, does not consider its suitability for the overall design of the bathroom, bathroom space a few square meters, blind pursuit of European-style atmosphere, the style of the fancy, to the neglect of its use. Or simply on a bathroom styling the pursuit of so-called fashion sense, but relatively speaking, simple style is undoubtedly better suited to the overall design of the bathroom, also for future use, is not easy to villainy and is easy to clean. That seemingly simple sense, they are often most easily ignored by us!

How are we going to put an end to these problems on a bathroom renovation, actually, we only have to master a basic starting point on the line, which is the bathroom is simply convenience, washing hands, bathing area, so before highlighting the mood and personality, you first must be functional and practical. Especially for the small apartment, in the decoration, on a mix of bathroom products, more practicality and functionality should always be placed in the first place, in an "intelligent" way of living to build your perfect intimate space!

Skill 1 symmetrical balance reasonable place

Some home accessories are grouped together, making it a part of Visual attention, symmetrical balance is important. Next to large furniture, exhibition arranged in order from high to low, to avoid uncoordinated Visual sense. Or keep two ornaments the center of gravity, for example, two lamps, two side by side the same style color pattern the same pillow side-by-side, so as to help create a harmonious rhythm also gives peace a warm feeling.

Skill 2 start from small home accessories

Decorations, pillows, table napkins, small ornaments, such as small and medium sized jewelry is the most easy to use layout items. Furnished beginners can begin with these, then gradually expand to large home furnishings. Small home accessories will often become the focus of vision, better reflects the owner's interests and hobbies.

Skill 3 fabric is key

Each season has its own home fabric of different colors, patterns, both colorful chemical cloth, still gorgeous, romantic lace, silk, just for different styles of home fabrics, you can change a variety of home styles. In addition, the home the hard lines and cold tones, you can use cloth to soften. Spring, selection of fresh, floral, spring, and summer, choose fresh fruit or flowers pattern; in autumn and winter, you can slip into fluffy pillows and warm for the winter.

Skill 4 furnished home in conjunction with the overall style

First find the General style and tone, according to the layout of the uniform tone to less error-prone. For example, minimalist home design, home accessories with a sense of design is very suitable for the entire space if it is a natural country style, with natural wind home accessories.

Skill 5 without putting them on home accessories

In layout, the people will often want to show everything. However, placing too many lost features. First home ornament category, put together with the same properties, shown no hurry at all. After classification, it can be replaced according to season or Festival features change home mood is different.
After the beginning of summer, even if officially entered into the summer, summer is the season of rain in more than a year, in the rainy days of continuous attention to moisture-proof work of the furniture. Maintenance of furniture of different materials have different methods, here to see how to do it.

Leather furniture: best desiccant dehumidification on excessively dry or humid weather can easily lead to rapid aging of leather, leather furniture in the home, preferably after dusting, maintained a private mink oil on its surface, sheep, leather oil, which not only soften leather or moisture-proof mold.

Symptoms: furniture leather hard, some will appear less ventilation surface mildew, caused deformation after moisture even leather or coloured faded.

Strategy: use a soft dry cloth to wipe the surface moisture, mold mildew agents following the removal of the coloured leather maintenance oil; leather sofa, consider appropriate a desiccant to dry.

"Shopping tips" offered to purchase a waterproof leather furniture, apart from the scrubs are available professional cleaning and maintenance agent to achieve moisture.

Metal furniture: a rust should brush cleaning

Metal furniture regularly with a damp cloth and gentle cleaning agent cleaning, try not to use in a humid environment, and waterproof, run into the best wet weather with a dry cloth for cleaning.

Symptoms: corrosion of metal hand rails or foot, especially metal furniture surface discoloration and spots appear.

Response: If there is rust, you can use a dish cloth or toothbrush got rust brushes except, then Polish with a dry cloth case, wrought iron furniture, found rust paint you should fill in a timely manner.

"Shopping tips" recommends buying after anti-rust treatment of alloy, galvanized or stainless steel metal furniture of wrought iron furniture, humidity, heavy or worry easier moisture and rust.

Solid wood furniture:-absorbing surface moisture-proof paper posted today, many solid wood furniture at the factory after a rigorous drying process, but this does not mean that you can not regular moisture care.

Symptoms: dotted with wooden furniture surface drip, wipe after is unable to alleviate sweating wood furniture

Responses: dealing with drops on wood furniture, dip it on a dry cloth taking private wood furniture cleaner, such detergents may form a protective film on the surface of wood furniture, partly to prevent moisture penetration into the wood furniture.

In addition, wooden furniture and damp-proof there is a good way is to use some good absorbent paper or plastic attached to the surfaces of the wooden furniture. Some high fat content of wood solid wood furniture is less prone to hygromycin.

"Shopping tips" proposal to buy some wood solid wood furniture with high fat content (such as teak, rosewood and other) to avoid sticker skin or fat content low.

Rattan furniture: Mo when moisture stress to prevent deformation of the CANY furniture can absorb a certain amount of moisture, but if excess moisture is adsorbed, it will become soft, loosely structured, flat SAG.

The benefit of CANY furniture is, after drying, it will be returned to its original shape and size. Symptoms: prone to deformation, rattan furniture porous, easy to breed bugs.

Response: when the CANY furniture with damp, not deformation of its braided shape and clearance, can guarantee the drying shrinkage to the original size; in addition to careful maintenance and regular cleaning.

"Shopping tips" recommends the purchase of firm and solid, and the framework after the disinfection of mildew treatment quality rattan cane, not only the surface is smooth, but also moisture decay.
Best is not necessarily the best, not necessarily the most beautiful most stylish.

Thousands of pet beauty rolled into one, and whether you are into furniture and decoration in the face of what about 99 a little confused? China bedframe first brand on has said Ltd-had, in life in the fashion just a synonymous with, and for fashion of understanding is is individual for world of views, home improvement is life in the each a family will face to of, for home improvement in the by appeared of problem and needs note of points we also said has many, on this CBD bedding expert today for everyone describes about home loaded in the how to select themselves like and cheap of Crystal lamps.

First of all, Crystal lamps and is limited to the length of the floor height

When you pick up the lamp when you're at the Mall, shopping guide will first try to ask space for housing construction and decoration style, as well as the illuminated area and the effect you want. If selection of is crystal lamps, Crystal lamps large of General has 1 m more long, small of also has dozens of cm long, thus consumers to early remember good themselves home of layer high, especially if do has ceiling or laying floor, to deduction Hou has a net high numerical, spared select purchase not for, lying in bedroom of CBD bedframe Shang formed space Shang of suppressed sense.

Tip: chandelier selection within the housing space and maintain spacing of 2.5 metres on the ground as well.


Secondly, Crystal lighting styles and home

Selection of Crystal lamps, its size, color, shape, usually with neutral tones, black and white and green, blue and yellow tones, such as pairing-friendly style. Crystal lamps Plumb hard too long, cumbersome and inappropriate use of multilayer and Crystal lights.

Editor Tip: at the time of acquisition of Crystal lamps, should pay attention to if Crystal lamps and spatial interval of housing space and coordinate distribution, decorative ceiling beams.


Editor Tip: bedroom soft bed top Crystal lighting maintenance

Crystal lamps and easily hidden dirt, will not only affect the beauty of Crystal lamps themselves, would also reduce the refractive index of Crystal lamps. When cleaning the Crystal lamps should be followed:

① selection of Crystal lamps clean sourcing agents, Crystal lamps and spray the right amount of cleansing agent, crystal ball or Crystal dust was taken as the liquid evaporates;

② Crystal down one by one, dipped in containers filled with kerosene, and then use the toothbrush gently wipe the Crystal appearance until after the dust slowly softens the appearance of, then uses the detergent wash Crystal block.

③ basis more qualities of Crystal lamps, do it in the care of distinction, some only demand static-free dry cloth to wipe away grime and the appearance of Crystal lamps. Spare leave fingerprints on the Crystal lamps, Crystal lamps to put on white cotton gloves when cleaning.

Crystal light is to give families a good life a beautiful decoration, select Crystal lamp should be on its own, and pay more attention to the quality and beauty, you should maintain good lighting, keep a clean style.
Furniture decoration in now in the lives of every family in the cliché of a thing, but in face of life arising from decoration always makes it difficult for people to accept a lot of overhead. So did so by comparing the provinces? Province, how can we afford to have effect at the same time is relatively high in quality?

Chinese furniture is combined with requirements of each home for decoration during the renovation, as well as save money on funds, uh, take the following tricks:

(A) design

Must consider their own family before the decoration style of decoration, as well as matching bedding, simultaneously has to face during the renovation process to consider all aspects of good, in order to avoid modifications during the decoration process, resulting in unnecessary waste, so try to decide.

(B) water

Brush the waterproofing is a very simple thing, if owners are careful enough, this work himself to complete it. 3 square meters bathroom, a big barrel of waterproofing material made two times overall, close to the ground, where to brush three times, so they basically had enough (Note: just like to have a drawback, in the event of leakage problems, then you'll have to bear the responsibility).

(C) the law of tile-save money

Now home improvement tile is in a large part, if the budget is not a lot, there is no need to select the tiles well hundreds of dollars per square metre, some fifty or sixty bucks brick quality is also good, also completed the human visual requirements on appearance so that you can save a lot of money.

(D) the integration tendencies of decoration and home

From the perspective of saving home improvement costs, you can purchase decoration on a production room and enjoy your favorite soft bed, if their renovations can also choose those home improvement company with multiple brand integration capabilities, integrated home renovations in the main material more brand owners can enjoy when purchasing preferences, improve the cost of renovation.

(E) the Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets in the main are easy to clean, sturdy, environmentally friendly, so select principal expedition when the combination of factors. Taking into account factors such as environmental protection, sturdy, fully capable of using the traditional method--brick. End of red brick, built after the tiles, laying thick on the surface of granite, more than 1.5 cm. There's no dead ends and the Cabinet, and cockroaches would be reduced, in use of flushing or blisters.

(Vi) save money on living room walls Act

Art, look dazzling, but also to enhance the room's qualities, but the selection on living room walls if it doesn't fit, it will destroy the overall effects of a home, we don't have much budget without walls when it costs too much time can choose wallpaper picture or wall wall. White is the most inclusive of tones, and match any fashion element is good.
The water level in Grant's Lake in Millstream has dropped about eight feet this past summer and residents are involved if a dam is not fixed, It's going to dry up, He explained.

"Inside of the lake across from my place, There is an island numerous experts walk across to the island, He explained. "This particular from Grant's Lake leaves here it goes into a big brook. Ought to dam is fixed, It would have sufficient water,

Local residents say a a long time ago, A portion of a dam built in the 1890s was removed by the Department of hauling to help with flooding issues.

The dam was first created to enlarge the lake that supplied waterpower to be effective a gristmill, furniture manufacturing plant and saw mill. Beavers took over the lake in the 1960s and kept the water level up for a large period of time, Nevertheless 1999, Their enthusiasm began to cause more flooding problems.

Since the, Carrying has repaired and raised the road, But the dam has destabilized.

Copeland said a regular flow of water is flowing out of the lake, But whether it is dammed up, The water would stay put and evermore! a place that people enjoyed all year round.

"The summertime, Citizens swim, Canoe and kayak here and winter months, They snow sled and skate on it, He explained.

Copeland said a meeting was recently held between residents and officials from the provincial departments of environment, Moving and natural resources.

Pictou East MLA Clarrie MacKinnon said his office has been involved in bringing the government departments together to try and find a fix for your problem.

"Hopefully we get an answer to this, He was quoted saying. "If there's further breaches, The lake will go down drastically and that could be devastating to the fish habit and all the residents,

Copeland said the cost of the repairs continue to be determined and it's possible that government funding and community contributions may be needed to cover the bill for the work.

Just four a long time ago life couldn't have been better for Grant Hackett, Who told all of us he was ready have babies with his wife, Candice street, Just weeks after keeping winning two medals at the Beijing Olympics. "The thought of it excites us and just all the time I've found someone I want to do it with, He told Woman's Day in a fashionable interview back then.

"Up to now I met Candice, All this was not a big focus, However when you love someone it's just a natural evolution, So what went so terribly wrong in the four years as early as the much admired swimmer and his pop star wife spoke so glowingly about their future together? Friends say there was problems ever since the birth of their twins Jagger and Charlize in September 2009, With Grant battling the demands of fatherhood, Very after Candice made him sell his beloved Ferrari.

But the fiveyear marriage began to publicly collapse in October yr after, When police were called to the couple's home after neighbours reported hearing a violent argument following the look of them at Flemington on Derby Day.

Both scholarhip, 32, And therefore Cand additionallyice, 30, Tried preserve their image as Australia's "Glowing couple, Insisting reports Grant had overturned his wife's grand piano and smashed up their penthouse in an alcoholfuelled rage were do not forget that. Grant's drunken behaviour at a post TV Week Logies function in April this year turned out to be the last straw for Candice, And Grant moved out about their swish home, Later going back to Queensland.

When disturbing footage of the wrecked apartment, Indicating holes in walls and broken furniture, Were leaked to the media shortly afterwards, The couple were again back in the headlines for all your wrong reasons, With Grant dropped from a child's charity.

Read most current on Candice and Grant in this week's Woman's Day on sale Monday July 23, 2012.

The reason Candice Alley can get away with shoplifting. Usually she gave the shop owner a hard luck story who fell for it.

Each has to fess up, And if that wasn't Candice in the store, Does it boast her twin, So obvious from photographs that it is her! And it appeared as if she knew what she was doing!

Everybody has a bad day and does something illegal without knowing the conseqences IE, Drink drive a car, Speed while driving, Domestics or anything else, But this is sending a really bad message to others that you can be married to and hang off the standing of a superstar and get away with shoplifting, Or any other crime for instance and its OK!

Every other normal person has to pay and Candice your time will come and and you'll have to face the music like the rest of us. Your not your favorite,

Admit to the crime and your popularity will look better in the eyes of you everyday person.

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Great Delhi: The Finance Ministry is likely to reconsider on January 18 the proposal of Swedish furniture major IKEA for opening cafeterias at its proposed mega stores."Meeting of Foreign real estate acquire Promotion Board (FIPB) Is slated on January 18 and the IKEA's case may be taken up, A Department of business Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Executive said.In advance, FIPB, Underneath the Finance Ministry, Had taken up for reconsideration the IKEA's method. About the other hand, No decision was taken as the board headed by Economic Affairs Secretary Arvind Mayaram had sought more info from the Scandinavian country for its India investment plans."The DIPP would soon submit all the info which the FIPB has sought, The state said.

The board on November 20 had given its unbiased to allow the Swedish furniture manufacture to invest Rs 4,200 crore in great britain to for singlebrand retailing of its products. The unbiased was forwarded to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) As for the nod.In addition, Following only part approval to its stock options plans, The company had made a advice to the DIPP, Which forwarded a request to FIPB for reading its November 20 decision.Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharam is in favour of allowing IKEA to open cafeterias at shops.

Except furniture, IKEA in its original app had sought government approval to sell items such as textile products, Electronic devices, Leather tools, Lifetime style products, And food and beverages to be served at its eateries and cafes.The company had envisaged a trade of Rs 10,500 crore in singlebrand retail trade after India allowed 100 percent FDI in the segment.

IKEA, By far the largest furniture retailer, Operates 336 stores in 44 cities. It plans to set up 10 furnishing and homeware stores as well as allied commercial structure in over 10 years in India. then, It promises to open 15 more stores.While India allows FDI in a lot of the sectors through automatic route, Foreign reserves in certain sectors require FIPB approval. too, Real estate acquire plans of over Rs 1,200 crore require CCEA settlement,


The 19th China International Furniture Expo