Furniture decoration in now in the lives of every family in the cliché of a thing, but in face of life arising from decoration always makes it difficult for people to accept a lot of overhead. So did so by comparing the provinces? Province, how can we afford to have effect at the same time is relatively high in quality?

Chinese furniture is combined with requirements of each home for decoration during the renovation, as well as save money on funds, uh, take the following tricks:

(A) design

Must consider their own family before the decoration style of decoration, as well as matching bedding, simultaneously has to face during the renovation process to consider all aspects of good, in order to avoid modifications during the decoration process, resulting in unnecessary waste, so try to decide.

(B) water

Brush the waterproofing is a very simple thing, if owners are careful enough, this work himself to complete it. 3 square meters bathroom, a big barrel of waterproofing material made two times overall, close to the ground, where to brush three times, so they basically had enough (Note: just like to have a drawback, in the event of leakage problems, then you'll have to bear the responsibility).

(C) the law of tile-save money

Now home improvement tile is in a large part, if the budget is not a lot, there is no need to select the tiles well hundreds of dollars per square metre, some fifty or sixty bucks brick quality is also good, also completed the human visual requirements on appearance so that you can save a lot of money.

(D) the integration tendencies of decoration and home

From the perspective of saving home improvement costs, you can purchase decoration on a production room and enjoy your favorite soft bed, if their renovations can also choose those home improvement company with multiple brand integration capabilities, integrated home renovations in the main material more brand owners can enjoy when purchasing preferences, improve the cost of renovation.

(E) the Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets in the main are easy to clean, sturdy, environmentally friendly, so select principal expedition when the combination of factors. Taking into account factors such as environmental protection, sturdy, fully capable of using the traditional method--brick. End of red brick, built after the tiles, laying thick on the surface of granite, more than 1.5 cm. There's no dead ends and the Cabinet, and cockroaches would be reduced, in use of flushing or blisters.

(Vi) save money on living room walls Act

Art, look dazzling, but also to enhance the room's qualities, but the selection on living room walls if it doesn't fit, it will destroy the overall effects of a home, we don't have much budget without walls when it costs too much time can choose wallpaper picture or wall wall. White is the most inclusive of tones, and match any fashion element is good.


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