Grown in Northeast China, Russia extremely cold regions, are deciduous. Wood soft hard moderate, and weight medium, has dry shrink rate small, and planing surface smooth, and wear sexual strong of physical performance and mechanical performance, structure slightly rough; color, and pattern beautiful, rich toughness, drying Shi is not easy to Alice song; processing performance good, rubber pick, and finishing, and coloring performance are better; texture tough tight, and delicate, price expensive, enjoyed "wood King" and "gold tree" of reputation, is world famous wood one of, and Southeast Asia of black rosewood, and sandalwood wood, and United States of maple wood, wood par. Wood resources and very little, very few opportunities to uses civil, for the production of high-end musical instruments and military supplies (such as the butt), real precious quality of furniture wood, with the increasing scarcity of wood resources in the world, increasing collection of wood furniture. Wood, hence the name siyi of Catalpa wood. Catalpa, alias: Golden Catalpa Bungei, Tsz Tong, little leaf parasol, scientific name for Catalpa Bungei. Ziwei branch of Catalpa species, native to China, located east from the waterfront, to Gansu province in the West, began in Yunnan province in the South, North to the great wall in the vast region. The wood material quality, versatility, high quality timber species are endemic to China since ancient times "King of wood," said. Northeast "civil is not the result of walnut", scientific name Juglans mandshurica, deciduous, widely distributed in Changbai Mountains.

Chinese classical furniture making, in addition to the hardwood furniture, corresponding also with wood-wood furniture in the world. Wood also known as cork furniture wood furniture, hardwood furniture. In the production of firewood and wood furniture, are the most common type of wood do the following simple introduction.


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