Skill 1 symmetrical balance reasonable place

Some home accessories are grouped together, making it a part of Visual attention, symmetrical balance is important. Next to large furniture, exhibition arranged in order from high to low, to avoid uncoordinated Visual sense. Or keep two ornaments the center of gravity, for example, two lamps, two side by side the same style color pattern the same pillow side-by-side, so as to help create a harmonious rhythm also gives peace a warm feeling.

Skill 2 start from small home accessories

Decorations, pillows, table napkins, small ornaments, such as small and medium sized jewelry is the most easy to use layout items. Furnished beginners can begin with these, then gradually expand to large home furnishings. Small home accessories will often become the focus of vision, better reflects the owner's interests and hobbies.

Skill 3 fabric is key

Each season has its own home fabric of different colors, patterns, both colorful chemical cloth, still gorgeous, romantic lace, silk, just for different styles of home fabrics, you can change a variety of home styles. In addition, the home the hard lines and cold tones, you can use cloth to soften. Spring, selection of fresh, floral, spring, and summer, choose fresh fruit or flowers pattern; in autumn and winter, you can slip into fluffy pillows and warm for the winter.

Skill 4 furnished home in conjunction with the overall style

First find the General style and tone, according to the layout of the uniform tone to less error-prone. For example, minimalist home design, home accessories with a sense of design is very suitable for the entire space if it is a natural country style, with natural wind home accessories.

Skill 5 without putting them on home accessories

In layout, the people will often want to show everything. However, placing too many lost features. First home ornament category, put together with the same properties, shown no hurry at all. After classification, it can be replaced according to season or Festival features change home mood is different.


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