Best is not necessarily the best, not necessarily the most beautiful most stylish.

Thousands of pet beauty rolled into one, and whether you are into furniture and decoration in the face of what about 99 a little confused? China bedframe first brand on has said Ltd-had, in life in the fashion just a synonymous with, and for fashion of understanding is is individual for world of views, home improvement is life in the each a family will face to of, for home improvement in the by appeared of problem and needs note of points we also said has many, on this CBD bedding expert today for everyone describes about home loaded in the how to select themselves like and cheap of Crystal lamps.

First of all, Crystal lamps and is limited to the length of the floor height

When you pick up the lamp when you're at the Mall, shopping guide will first try to ask space for housing construction and decoration style, as well as the illuminated area and the effect you want. If selection of is crystal lamps, Crystal lamps large of General has 1 m more long, small of also has dozens of cm long, thus consumers to early remember good themselves home of layer high, especially if do has ceiling or laying floor, to deduction Hou has a net high numerical, spared select purchase not for, lying in bedroom of CBD bedframe Shang formed space Shang of suppressed sense.

Tip: chandelier selection within the housing space and maintain spacing of 2.5 metres on the ground as well.


Secondly, Crystal lighting styles and home

Selection of Crystal lamps, its size, color, shape, usually with neutral tones, black and white and green, blue and yellow tones, such as pairing-friendly style. Crystal lamps Plumb hard too long, cumbersome and inappropriate use of multilayer and Crystal lights.

Editor Tip: at the time of acquisition of Crystal lamps, should pay attention to if Crystal lamps and spatial interval of housing space and coordinate distribution, decorative ceiling beams.


Editor Tip: bedroom soft bed top Crystal lighting maintenance

Crystal lamps and easily hidden dirt, will not only affect the beauty of Crystal lamps themselves, would also reduce the refractive index of Crystal lamps. When cleaning the Crystal lamps should be followed:

① selection of Crystal lamps clean sourcing agents, Crystal lamps and spray the right amount of cleansing agent, crystal ball or Crystal dust was taken as the liquid evaporates;

② Crystal down one by one, dipped in containers filled with kerosene, and then use the toothbrush gently wipe the Crystal appearance until after the dust slowly softens the appearance of, then uses the detergent wash Crystal block.

③ basis more qualities of Crystal lamps, do it in the care of distinction, some only demand static-free dry cloth to wipe away grime and the appearance of Crystal lamps. Spare leave fingerprints on the Crystal lamps, Crystal lamps to put on white cotton gloves when cleaning.

Crystal light is to give families a good life a beautiful decoration, select Crystal lamp should be on its own, and pay more attention to the quality and beauty, you should maintain good lighting, keep a clean style.


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