Chinese furniture in the 1980 of the 20th century started to recover, just odd years, completed the process of industrialization, from workshops to industrial production. Now, China has become a furniture manufacturing power and exporter, development was encouraging. Furniture professional education also went through the same development course, College, students, masters and doctors from scratch, as well as volumes are rising fast. Quality in training, however, capacity to meet the needs of the community and on the level and then miss it very much. Even in number also is far from able to meet the needs of society. Why so large a market throughout the country, with more than more than 50,000 furniture enterprises, more than 5 million practitioners, and professional development design and management of tens of thousands of people? Guangdong Shunde vocational and technical college associate professor Sun Liang was disclosed in an article in such a data set: Designer of Chinese furniture enterprises have fewer than 3,000 people.

Furniture large province of Guangdong had more than 6,000 number of furniture companies, with a designer by training less than 600 people. In other words, for every 10 companies have only one designer. In his view, the real scarcity of professional furniture designers in China, with international fame designers with little, real professional talent agencies have few furniture furniture design lack of truly keen interest is only in the last one or two years. Is not used in the furniture industry needs people, but nothing a few years ago, development, design and management personnel, businesses can still run and make money, the demand due to lack of strong economic driving without really stand out.

As overall prices of raw materials, as the "shortage" and "power shortage" and "peasant worker shortage" resource shortage occurred, with the adjustment of export tax rebate rates, as the product homogeneity, intense competition, as Enterprise Innovation and management capacity are becoming increasingly stretched, enterprises feel the unprecedented pressures and crises. Want to breakthrough, developing, enhance and grow again, but was powerless. Entrepreneurs are strongly aware of the need for talent, needed research and development, design, management of personnel. Demand for talent, imminent 2. 


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