Just four a long time ago life couldn't have been better for Grant Hackett, Who told all of us he was ready have babies with his wife, Candice street, Just weeks after keeping winning two medals at the Beijing Olympics. "The thought of it excites us and just all the time I've found someone I want to do it with, He told Woman's Day in a fashionable interview back then.

"Up to now I met Candice, All this was not a big focus, However when you love someone it's just a natural evolution, So what went so terribly wrong in the four years as early as the much admired swimmer and his pop star wife spoke so glowingly about their future together? Friends say there was problems ever since the birth of their twins Jagger and Charlize in September 2009, With Grant battling the demands of fatherhood, Very after Candice made him sell his beloved Ferrari.

But the fiveyear marriage began to publicly collapse in October yr after, When police were called to the couple's home after neighbours reported hearing a violent argument following the look of them at Flemington on Derby Day.

Both scholarhip, 32, And therefore Cand additionallyice, 30, Tried preserve their image as Australia's "Glowing couple, Insisting reports Grant had overturned his wife's grand piano and smashed up their penthouse in an alcoholfuelled rage were do not forget that. Grant's drunken behaviour at a post TV Week Logies function in April this year turned out to be the last straw for Candice, And Grant moved out about their swish home, Later going back to Queensland.

When disturbing footage of the wrecked apartment, Indicating holes in walls and broken furniture, Were leaked to the media shortly afterwards, The couple were again back in the headlines for all your wrong reasons, With Grant dropped from a child's charity.

Read most current on Candice and Grant in this week's Woman's Day on sale Monday July 23, 2012.

The reason Candice Alley can get away with shoplifting. Usually she gave the shop owner a hard luck story who fell for it.

Each has to fess up, And if that wasn't Candice in the store, Does it boast her twin, So obvious from photographs that it is her! And it appeared as if she knew what she was doing!

Everybody has a bad day and does something illegal without knowing the conseqences IE, Drink drive a car, Speed while driving, Domestics or anything else, But this is sending a really bad message to others that you can be married to and hang off the standing of a superstar and get away with shoplifting, Or any other crime for instance and its OK!

Every other normal person has to pay and Candice your time will come and and you'll have to face the music like the rest of us. Your not your favorite,

Admit to the crime and your popularity will look better in the eyes of you everyday person.

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