After the beginning of summer, even if officially entered into the summer, summer is the season of rain in more than a year, in the rainy days of continuous attention to moisture-proof work of the furniture. Maintenance of furniture of different materials have different methods, here to see how to do it.

Leather furniture: best desiccant dehumidification on excessively dry or humid weather can easily lead to rapid aging of leather, leather furniture in the home, preferably after dusting, maintained a private mink oil on its surface, sheep, leather oil, which not only soften leather or moisture-proof mold.

Symptoms: furniture leather hard, some will appear less ventilation surface mildew, caused deformation after moisture even leather or coloured faded.

Strategy: use a soft dry cloth to wipe the surface moisture, mold mildew agents following the removal of the coloured leather maintenance oil; leather sofa, consider appropriate a desiccant to dry.

"Shopping tips" offered to purchase a waterproof leather furniture, apart from the scrubs are available professional cleaning and maintenance agent to achieve moisture.

Metal furniture: a rust should brush cleaning

Metal furniture regularly with a damp cloth and gentle cleaning agent cleaning, try not to use in a humid environment, and waterproof, run into the best wet weather with a dry cloth for cleaning.

Symptoms: corrosion of metal hand rails or foot, especially metal furniture surface discoloration and spots appear.

Response: If there is rust, you can use a dish cloth or toothbrush got rust brushes except, then Polish with a dry cloth case, wrought iron furniture, found rust paint you should fill in a timely manner.

"Shopping tips" recommends buying after anti-rust treatment of alloy, galvanized or stainless steel metal furniture of wrought iron furniture, humidity, heavy or worry easier moisture and rust.

Solid wood furniture:-absorbing surface moisture-proof paper posted today, many solid wood furniture at the factory after a rigorous drying process, but this does not mean that you can not regular moisture care.

Symptoms: dotted with wooden furniture surface drip, wipe after is unable to alleviate sweating wood furniture

Responses: dealing with drops on wood furniture, dip it on a dry cloth taking private wood furniture cleaner, such detergents may form a protective film on the surface of wood furniture, partly to prevent moisture penetration into the wood furniture.

In addition, wooden furniture and damp-proof there is a good way is to use some good absorbent paper or plastic attached to the surfaces of the wooden furniture. Some high fat content of wood solid wood furniture is less prone to hygromycin.

"Shopping tips" proposal to buy some wood solid wood furniture with high fat content (such as teak, rosewood and other) to avoid sticker skin or fat content low.

Rattan furniture: Mo when moisture stress to prevent deformation of the CANY furniture can absorb a certain amount of moisture, but if excess moisture is adsorbed, it will become soft, loosely structured, flat SAG.

The benefit of CANY furniture is, after drying, it will be returned to its original shape and size. Symptoms: prone to deformation, rattan furniture porous, easy to breed bugs.

Response: when the CANY furniture with damp, not deformation of its braided shape and clearance, can guarantee the drying shrinkage to the original size; in addition to careful maintenance and regular cleaning.

"Shopping tips" recommends the purchase of firm and solid, and the framework after the disinfection of mildew treatment quality rattan cane, not only the surface is smooth, but also moisture decay.


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